Finishing Equipment

Essential to our business, Pacific Ceramics maintains a complete ceramic machining facility, including:
• 36-inch, 31-inch (CNC), 23-inch, and 14-inch Hoffman lappers
• Sunnen hones
• Automated slicers
• Centerless grinders
• Surface grinders
• Blanchard grinders
• Core Drills
• CNC Wire Saw
• CNC Vertical Machining Centers


The hallmark of Pacific Ceramics capacity plan is flexibility. We have quick change single station presses useful for small quantity production orders and 24 station rotary presses, each capable of pressing 10,000 typical microwave ferrite component elements per hour. We have multiple box kilns useful for custom firing small to medium size runs of parts made from any of the nearly 200 discrete materials we manufacture, and tunnel kilns reserved for large scale production.

Technical Expertise

Pacific Ceramics has a core staff of contributors with an average of nearly 30 years of directly related microwave ceramics experience. Our technical capabilities include:
• Custom ferrite and dielectric formulations.
• Microstructure control.
• High volume extrusion of microwave ferrites and garnets.
• High volume rotary dry pressing.
• Isostatic pressing.
• As-fired dimensional control.

Future Technical Advances

Pacific Ceramics is committed to the process of continuous product improvement. We recognize that in many cases improved performance of our materials can directly enhance our customers’ ability to improve the cost and / or performance of their component designs. Some key improvements are:
• Manufacturing Technology aimed at the continuous realization of a tighter distribution of parametric performance
• Test and Measurement methodology to support continuous improvement.
• Compositional customization as needed to enhance customer experience.