Below is our current list of available positions. If interested in a position, send an email with your resume and desired position to

Process Operator

Operates equipment used to manufacture products. Weighs, measures, and checks raw materials to ensure that batches manufactured contain proper ingredients in proper quantities. Maintains inventory record of raw materials used in batch manufacturing. May form all materials (isostatic pressing, hydraulic, rotary machine pressing), based on scheduling requirements. Materials must be counted and stacked to prepare for the next operation. May preform mixing, milling, and forming of all materials. Operator must follow strict instructions or recipes for these operations. Keep accurate and up-to-date batch record and data sheets on batches that are in-process. Preforms in-process tests to ensure batches meet specifications. Sets up dies and pressures on hydraulic machines. Recognizes equipment and product problems, notifies supervisor and/or troubleshoots errors in order to achieve optimum production levels. Requires high school diploma or equivalent, basic math skills, ability to carefully follow written and verbal detailed instructions to ensure product conformance and reliability. Requires general knowledge of hydraulic/mechanical presses, and ability to read mechanical drawings. Compensation level dependent on experience and expertise.


Perform work to set up, operate and make tool adjustments for various types of manual, numerically controlled and computerized machining equipment. Works from blueprints, process sheets and sketches to preform production tasks, which may include cutting and shaping of ceramic materials to precision dimensions. Sets up and operates machines such as surface grinder, centerless grinder, universal grinder, Blanchard grinder, hone, mill, and lathe. Checks and inspects results against predetermined tolerances from a drawing or blueprint. May identify and repair minor machine malfunctions. Requires a high school diploma and/or trade school, ability to read drawings, ability to communicate effectively, basic math skills, geometry (angles). A minimum of 2 years machinist experience is required, preferably in a ceramics shop. Compensation level dependent on experience and expertise.

Manufacturing Maintenance Technician

Assist in maintaining facility-wide all electro-mechanical, electrical, plumbing, hydraulic and waste management infrastructure, systems and equipment (existing and future). Assist in maintaining and repairing (replacing as required) all existing (and future) equipment required to operate the manufacturing process including: pre-production, mixing, forming, pressing, extrusion, firing, lapping, polishing, machining, QA / QC, shipping and receiving. Responsible for the set-up and operation of most equipment required for all aspects of manufacturing. Evaluate equipment parts inventory requirements including: parts purchasing and inventory strategy, parts inventory budget, parts purchase timelines, develop and implement parts storage system, develop documentation and records management system. Help to manage facility Environmental Regulation Compliance including disposal of non-hazardous materials, waste water containment, storm water discharges and other state, county and city requirements. Assist in managing third-party supplier relationships for specialized service and repairs, parts inventory and required infrastructure needs.

• Demonstrated, verifiable and extensive experience as ‘hands on’ mechanic involved in diagnosing, repairing or replacing:
• Electro-mechanical systems and equipment such as: high temperature kilns, ovens, surface grinders, polishers, lathes, etc.
• AC / DC electrical systems and equipment such as: relays, switches, master starters, Programmable Logic Controllers, timers, etc.
• Hydraulic systems and equipment such as: pumps, hoses, fittings, etc.
• Plumbing and waste management systems and equipment such as: pipes, fittings, fixtures, pumps, etc.
• Demonstrated experience developing Preventative Equipment Maintenance Program(s) including written procedures, documentation, records management, and implementation timelines, etc.
• Experience with Quality Assurance / Quality Control Test and Measurement procedures and equipment desirable.
• Experience with environmental regulation and compliance including disposal of non-hazardous materials, waste and storm water management and interacting with various government agencies and inspectors.

30,000 square foot manufacturing facility with +/- 120 pieces of mission critical production equipment (+/- 400 pieces facility-wide) including but not limited to: ball mills, grinders, mixers, isostatic presses, high temperature kilns, drying ovens, box furnaces, extruders, controllers, lapping devices, pumps, waste treatments system, etc.

Senior Ceramic Engineer

Develops, implements and maintains methods, operation sequence, and processes in the manufacture of ceramic and dielectric materials with emphasis on implementation of volume manufacturing.

Interfaces with design engineering in coordinating release of new ceramic or dielectric products. Helps to estimate manufacturing costs, helps determine time standards, and makes recommendations for tooling and process requirements of new or existing product line. Works in conjunction with senior management, production manager, quality manager, operations manager, etc. in order to maintain records and reporting systems for coordination of manufacturing operations.

Develops and maintains material formulations with an emphasis on chemistry of ceramic and dielectric materials. Analyzes electromagnetic data of ceramic material in the development or maintenance of material formulations. May recommend, modify or develop material based on customer query.

Requires a BS or MS in Ceramic Engineering, Materials Science or related discipline, a minimum of 5-10 years of experience working in advanced materials manufacturing environment, experience with Six Sigma principles, Lean Manufacturing, and effective project management skills. Excellent communication and interpersonal interaction skills to effectively interface internally, with customers and vendors.